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Training has officially started for Team #WillFiPotts Mum and I started our training together this Saturday with a beautiful walk from Chepstow, across the old Severn Bridge and back. A nice 12.5km to start us off. The weather was crisp and the sky cloudless…I can’t help but think it’s lulling […]

Team #WillFiPotts

Lately I’ve been having clients ask me for quicker ways to do things; whether it’s something on the computer like in Word or Excel, or organising their business/personal life, I realised that simple tidbits of knowledge can really help speed day to day tasks up. I thought I’d offer just […]

Who Has The Time? There Must Be A Shortcut

comparing the 2 types of literature (1)
As with everything in business, mindset it key. I’m not just talking about my mindset and knowing what I want, but I’ve also learnt how important it is to know my client’s mindset. Working in an ever growing and speedy world, it’s become so important to move with the times […]

Outsourcing 101

When I tell people that I work from home I am guaranteed to have one, or a combination of the following responses: “Amazing. It must be nice to sit in your pjs all day” “I bet you just sit and watch TV all day” “You must have great discipline” / “I’d never […]

Productive Homeworking

As a precursor I do not claim to be the most organised and tyrannical when it comes to my inbox, however I do have a system when I feel like it’s getting too much and therefore start to worry I’ve missed something. I once read a great little post about […]

Love Your Inbox. It’s OK To Delete.

2016 is here and New Year resolutions are here to change our lives. But are they really? Over the last few years I’ve asked myself whether people actually make NY resolutions, and if they do, why do they wait until a whole year has passed to action them? (and why do […]

Why I Never Give Up Sugar

Christmas Madness?
When it gets to November I think people predominantly fall into 2 camps: love Christmas and the festive season, or you hate it and would rather keep your head down and plough on til Spring. I definitely fall into the first camp (once my birthday is done in May I […]

Christmas Madness? What Madness?

The Merthyr Business Awards is an annual event held to celebrate the success of businesses in Merthyr Tydfil. This year, I was lucky enough to be asked to be the organiser for the event, an awards ceremony and dinner hosted by weatherman Derek Brockway (excitement)! The awards take the best […]

Merthyr Business Awards 2015