Christmas Madness? What Madness?

When it gets to November I think people predominantly fall into 2 camps: love Christmas and the festive season, or you hate it and would rather keep your head down and plough on til Spring.

I definitely fall into the first camp (once my birthday is done in May I look to Christmas). I love everything to do with this time of year: cosy, new wardrobe, spending quality time with my family and friends, and also as it gives me a great chance to reflect on the year which has been and what’s to come next year. Although I’ve only done it a couple of times, I actually find this the most important day of my year.

2015 is ending in a positive way; on a personal note, I got engaged and my brother and his lovely wife have just welcomed a lovely baby boy. On the business front, I’ve never been busier and the ‘scary, new business’ feeling is starting to subside. All in all a great way to end a year.

2016 poses to be just as eventful and hopefully even more prosperous for not only me and yourVA, but for everyone around me I work with. My diary for January is already starting to have time booked out and hopefully that will only continue. I’m getting married in September so whilst we have a lot of planning to do on that front, it will also require a lot of pre-planning for the time I’ll be off (mainly in the shade) on my honeymoon.

So, as you can imagine I’m pretty on top of the Christmas organising, so all that’s left for me to do is take some time out (probably in a nice quiet coffee shop somewhere) with no wifi, and, with my highlighters and post it notes, plan what I want from 2016. I obviously revisit this plan throughout the year, but the main things I try to get down are:

  1. My main goal for the year (doesn’t have to b £)
  2. Topics for my newsletter (which I will send out)
  3. What do I actually want out of the year (not necessarily a business goal, usually for me it’s more about work:life balance)
  4. Marketing strategy (including making sure I touch base with all clients)

I’m sure, in whatever guise we choose, we all have some sort of planning day in some way or another, but if you don’t, I’d really urge you to try it. Reflect on the positives, and negatives and look forward to the next year to come.