Who Has The Time? There Must Be A Shortcut

Lately I’ve been having clients ask me for quicker ways to do things; whether it’s something on the computer like in Word or Excel, or organising their business/personal life, I realised that simple tidbits of knowledge can really help speed day to day tasks up.

I thought I’d offer just a little bit of wisdom, which will hopefully be helpful for someone out there! I’m going to focus on using the PC, specifically keyboard shortcuts. I’m going to go through a few, but never fear I have provided a handy cheat sheet at the end for keeping.

Copying, pasting, cutting.
Highlighting and right clicking is a perfectly good way to carry out the above processes, however there is a way of doing these commands without your hands leaving the keyboard. Simply using Ctrl + c/v/x will do this for you.

Screen in screen
This simply means having 2 applications sat next to each other at the same time. As a VA it’s a trick which makes certain work a lot easier, instead of flipping between 2 applications, or worse…seeing some people trying to resize their windows. Instead try using the windows logo key and the left or right arrows to move your screen into place. Try it!

If you have multiple applications open, once you have put 1 to the side it will give you the option which application you’d like to sit right. You can use the arrow keys to choose which one.

Show some love to the minimisers
My biggest bugbear has to be when people have a number of applications open at the same time and then go through minimising each one to get back to their desktop. Please stop doing this. It’s windows logo key time. Windows logo key + D. This will minimise all your open applications at once. To get back to where you were, simply repeat the command.

As promised, here is a little cheat sheet of the above keyboard shortcuts, and some others for good measure. General Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows

Please get in touch if you’d like to be shown anymore. I loves a shortcut!