Love Your Inbox. It’s OK To Delete.

As a precursor I do not claim to be the most organised and tyrannical when it comes to my inbox, however I do have a system when I feel like it’s getting too much and therefore start to worry I’ve missed something.

I once read a great little post about how to de-clutter and organise your emails, so wanted to share what I learnt with you.

  • Speed delete. Take 5 minutes and go through your inbox and delete emails which you know can be deleted without even reading them.
  • Before you move on, take a look in your Trash and see if there’s a pattern – can you unsubscribe to anything? I still get emails from a Farming Magazine which my friend signed me up to in 2006 as a joke. Normally this is a good example of something to unsubscribe from….but I can’t in this instance.
  • Edit your settings for social media. If you don’t want to receive notifications for everything, stop them. On your social media platforms, go to settings and change which notifications you’d like to receive.
  • Create folders which work for you. It’s great to have folders for each customer / year etc, but why not go one step further and subdivide each of these into smaller folders, making it easier to a) find emails b) delete/archive older ones. I find this very useful.
  • Create rules. Rules in Outlook help reduce manually filing emails when similar messages arrive. For example, when a message is received from the Farming Magazine, I’ve specified a rule to automatically move this to the folder I’ve designated.

I try to complete this Inbox cull on a Friday afternoon before I finish for the day. This not only helps me finish off a week happily knowing I’ve actioned everything, but it also helps me to prepare my tasks for the next week.

Happy culling. #Loveyourinbox