Outsourcing 101

As with everything in business, mindset it key. I’m not just talking about my mindset and knowing what I want, but I’ve also learnt how important it is to know my client’s mindset.

Working in an ever growing and speedy world, it’s become so important to move with the times and – luckily for me – that means outsourcing has become really popular. Knowing people with an ‘outsourcing mindset’ is vital for my business; people who can see the benefit of reducing their overheads and finding experts to complete tasks as and when they need.

So who are these people and what do they outsource?

  • Office space – pretty vital for any business, I’m sure you agree. However, not everyone can, or wants to, rent something out the size of Canary Wharf, especially if they’re a small business. So, this is where outsourcing to serviced offices comes in. Whether it’s an address for your post to be sent to, hot desking every so often or maybe renting a wee office for 1, serviced offices are a great option if you’re looking to have a client facing, professional image, but without the huge overheads and century long contracts! A great example which some of my clients use is Rombourne – you can even meet clients there to add to that professional image.
  • Bookkeeping – another integral part to any business and definitely not everyone’s idea of a good time. Why spend hours on something which you a) dislike and b) aren’t an expert in?! Small businesses have definitely wised up to outsourcing this task. Bluebird Bookkeeping is one I’d definitely recommend. Blergh, numbers!
  • HR – not always top on everyone’s list, especially us small guys, but as soon as you start employing, it’s vital to know what HR policies and procedures you need to have in place. This is a great example of a cost which can save you a lot of time, money and stress in the future should a claim be made against you. Ashley HR, with a background in the legal sector, are one of South Wales’ finest.

So this leaves administration! Why would you outsource administration, which, let’s be honest is usually not the hardest task in the world? Well it’s all about time. Using a VA is a great way to reduce the time you spend on administration, giving you that time back to focus on what you do best…servicing your clients and earning money. I’ve been asked/told before that surely a VA has a higher hourly rate than an employed member of staff. Well, yes this is true. But let’s just go over some of the costs associated with both:

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