Stationery – The Not So Guilty Pleasure

Many people make the assumption that because I’m female and in administration that I must love stationery. They would be correct.

Some people have a shoe obsession, I have a stationery one and if I won the lottery I would create a whole room in my house just for stationery.

Being a virtual assistant means that a lot of my work takes place on a laptop, so when a time for physical stationery occurs it is a wonderful thing. I have an online diary and the ability to use OneNote etc, but I still find myself drawn (pun not intended) to physically writing notes down.

There are many types of amazing stationery you can go for and in the comfort of my office I have a huge array of bits and bobs, however I would urge people to think about who will be seeing their stash of stationery to make sure it’s a) appropriate with no obscenities and b) won’t be a bore to lug around (both lessons which I’ve learnt along the way).

To be business-ey here is my list of stationery items I can’t live without:

Essentials – 

  • Pen – a good one! Although a Biro is just as effective, I think there’s nothing better than pulling out a nice pen in a meeting. It seems to make you take more care in what you’re writing and makes you write neater.
  • Pencil with an eraser (not a rubber, as my mother says this is a rude word) – Sometimes if you’re doing some planning a pencil is better then a pen so you’re able to make alterations. #TBT school
  • Notepad – I believe is the hardest thing to choose. There are so many sizes, colours, rule size etc it’s hard to know which is best, but try and think about what you’re using it for. Is it a desk notepad or will you need to carry it? Do you need tick boxes along one side? Do you need to be able to pull sheets out?
  • Paper – everyday printing and thicker ‘special’ paper for important documents
  • Envelopes – different sizes / window(less)

Useful to have – 

  • Highlighters – highlight important things to remember or colour code tasks. They also look pretty.
  • Paperclips – I personally go for colourful ones, but would recommend using these over a stapler, just in case another sheet of paper needs adding/taking away.
  • Document folders – be it polly pockets, document folders, zip folders or ring binders. However ‘paper-free’ you want to be there will always be something which is in hard copy or a document you need to take to a client.
  • Whiteboard & cork board – Surely they’re the same things you say? Why no! I use my whiteboard ‘dates to remember’, tasks which need to be done and writing inspirational quotes on; where as the cork board is there to pin important documents to / invoices which need to be paid. It keeps things off your desk helping reduce clutter.

A final list for you, where I look to buy (satisfy) my stationery obsession and my favourite bits right now:

I’m always looking for new stationery – tweet & let me know which items you can’t live without

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