Team #WillFiPotts

Training has officially started for Team #WillFiPotts Mum and I started our training together this Saturday with a beautiful walk from Chepstow, across the old Severn Bridge and back. A nice 12.5km to start us off. The weather was crisp and the sky cloudless…I can’t help but think it’s lulling us into a false sense of security.

 This first walk was really important as it was our first test at walking  together to see how our pacing matches up and to see if there were  any glaring differences which would be a challenge going forward.

 As you can see from our Just Giving profile picture, we’re pretty  similar, and anyone that knows us would say our personalities are  similar too. Luckily this transferred to our walking styles. With “similar  gates” as mother put it, we are positive that we’re going to make a  great team. I am a little gutted that my mother is fitter and faster than  me, but I shall take great pleasure in the fact that I moan a lot less  than she does.

Thank you to those who got us off the mark on our Just Giving page – we really appreciate it and look forward to updating you soon.

Team WillFiPotts x

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